Short and Long Term Effects of Sufferings

Suffering produces short term responses and long term effects. The trouble is that during the process, we begin to feel like our fate is sealed.
The most common short term response is doubt expressed through questioning. We question God, people, and ultimately life itself. If we allow ourselves to continue on this track, we can become cynical and closed to input from others and God.
For some, their response is anger. Anger may be expressed outwardly where the person behaves like a short-fuse ready to blow at any moment. Periodically they may “explode” and cause others to pull away from such a person. Others suppress the anger within themselves. No one knows it’s there, but it slowly takes its toll on the person’s mind and body.
Still others respond with deep sorrow and pain. They pull away from others and allow the sorrow to pull them down into a deep pit. This cycle of sorrow, pain, and seclusion continues to repeat itself and finally this person may end up in depression.
Jesus responded to suffering by turning to His Father. His prayers were with loud cries and tears. He was heard because of his reverent submission (Heb 5:7). The next verse reveals that Jesus learned obedience through what He suffered.
While you suffer, turn to the Father and pour your heart out to Him. Put aside everything else and turn to Him again and again. He will hear you. Then in the long run, He will teach you — what you need to learn.
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