What is God's plan for you?

God has great plans for us as His children. He invites us to those places of greatness even before we are ready. He has a plan for us, and He will work in us to work out that plan within and through us. God’s plan for us can be seen clearly at the communion table.
At communion, we are doing much more than remembering the death of Jesus Christ. We are being given a lofty invitation. First, it’s an invitation to fellowship with God the creator of the universe. Second, we are invited to positions of authority that only children of the King can enjoy.
Invitations are commonly given to those of equal status, and to those who are deserving. In Luke 22, Jesus invited the disciples to a meal. His disciples were anything but deserving. Even at the table, they were arguing among themselves about who will be greatest among them (Luke 22). Jesus had to warn Peter of his impending betrayal (Luke 22:31). These and numerous other reasons are clear in the Gospels that they were undeserving of the invitation of Jesus.
When we look closely, we realize that the invitation goes much beyond this one meal together. He repeatedly mentioned the future Kingdom of God, where he will one day eat and drink with them (Luke 22:16, 18, 30).
But I am intrigued by the fact that the disciples behavior showed that they were undeserving of such a lofty invitation. In the coming kingdom, they were to eat together and rule together.
Sharing a meal is something that was only done together with equals. Never would someone eat with people of lower status. This is why the Jewish religious leaders were upset at Jesus. He regularly ate meals with those the society regarded as outcasts. Jesus considered this as part of His mission.
Being given the right to rule (Luke 22:29) was reserved only for sons. Kings in those days ensured that their sons were placed in positions of power and authority. After their death, the sons would continue the rule.
What an awesome invitation with a great expectation. Get ready. God is in the process of building you up according to His expectations.
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