The Un-Sacrifice

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A sacrifice isn’t much of a sacrifice when the gain is so much. But the truth is, we like to complain. We compare ourselves with others and complain about what could have been, what should have been, and why others are in a much better position than we are.
I’ve always thought of Jesus’ sacrifices in life as a “no-brainer” as the very purpose of His life was to die. Then He knew that He would be in heaven after His resurrection. Thus His life was focused toward His death. He suffered with His eyes set on the Joy that awaited Him (Heb 12:1-2).
The heroes and martyrs of the faith did the same. They lived their lives as temporary residents, on their way to their homeland (Heb 11:16). They knew it was a better place, much better than anything available here on earth. They knew their lives were temporary and that their death only leads to greater things.
Unfortunately we continue with our heads down – focused on the “stuff” of this world. Let’s face it, this world has not served up a good deal for us. Our expectations have mostly been shattered by the systems of this world. The ancients knew this reality and they accepted that. Jesus realized that and brought hope. A hope for a better future in heaven.
So what about the sacrifices we make in life? Since we have so much to gain, our sacrifices are not much of a sacrifice anyway. Maybe it’s sort of an un-sacrifice.
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