Choose Dead Heroes

We all have our “favorites” in the faith: Abraham, Paul, Peter, and other biblical characters who have exemplified faith and courage. In the modern world, some may choose Martin Luther, John Wesley, D. L. Moody, Billy Graham, John Wimber, and even some of the “faith” preachers.
I’ve got to be careful here, as Steve Brown warned against choosing our heroes before they are dead. While they are alive, they still have a chance to mess up their lives before they die. So, maybe I’ll stick to the dead ones as my heroes.
The Jewish people considered Moses to be the greatest individual in their history. For them, he was the greatest patriarch, prophet, leader, and deliverer. When these Jewish people came to faith in Jesus, their exaggerated focus on Moses continued. Along with their strong allegiance to Moses came their allegiance to the Law of Moses, the first five books of the Bible that the Jews call the Torah. This focus was not all that bad, but the writer of Hebrews wanted to make a strong statement that Jesus is worthy of the greatest honor.
By comparing and contrasting Moses and Jesus, Hebrews is focused on encouraging Jews to give Jesus the highest honor in the faith (Heb 3:1-6).
So who are your favorites? Who are the modern “heroes” of faith that have impacted your life? For me, some Christian leaders, preachers, Bible teachers, pastors, and musicians have had a great impact on my faith journey.
But there is none like Jesus. He is the one who deserved the greatest honor in my life.
In yours too.
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