Move Forward or Risk it All

It’s a major concern for me when we see people unable to move forward in their faith. They are still dealing with the basic factors of the faith. Somehow, they are not completely sure of their faith.
Since our faith rests on the finished work of Jesus on the cross, we have a confidence that it is firm. Our faith has a firm foundation. It is sure.
Now, it’s time to move forward.
But still, many continue to doubt if God loves them. They have difficulty believing that God accepts them and cares for them. Some are fearful that God will only accept them if they are good and live free from all sin. We want to live free of the bondage of sin and live for God, but that is not the measuring line which God uses to see if we are acceptable. We are accepted only because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.
Those who continue to struggle with these important foundational matters have the risk of falling away and abandoning their faith. For such people, it is quite difficult to return to the faith in Jesus.
Thus we are to move forward in our faith. Otherwise we risk it all. The twelve disciples and the seventy two disciples were sent out to heal the sick and teach people about the Kingdom of God. Instead of doubting, they simply believed the words of Jesus and moved forward. 
As quickly as possible, set your foundation in place. By faith, trust in the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Then, spend your time bringing healing to people. The healing needs to be physical, emotional, mental, and relational. Then, teach people about God’s Kingdom. John Wimber had called this “doing the works of Jesus, and teaching His words.”
This is how we are to move forward. If we don’t, we risk everything.
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