Are You Sure You're Alive?

If we can experience life as most people, if we can breathe, then we can be sure we are alive. If you want more proof, you can see the doctor and just confirm. But how about our faith? How can you be sure you are alive?
The book of James clarifies the question of faith. “So faith by itself, if it does not have works is dead” (James 2:17). Paul clearly stated that we are saved through faith and not through the works that we do (Eph 2:8-9). Thus salvation is not through works, but the evidence of our salvation is through works.
These two are not in contradiction to each other, but they are complementary. We are saved through faith in Jesus Christ. The vital signs of our life of faith becomes our deeds. How do we know if our faith is alive? Through our deeds.
Therefore if good deeds are not evident in the life of the believer, what should we do? Shall we send the person for further testing? Commonly, when some form of medical testing is done on people, we consider the results with great importance and we take action.
When something is lacking, we immediately send people for further testing and treatment. We want to correct those areas that show deficiencies as quickly as possible.
Maybe we need to do the same for those in faith. Are there no good works that show evidence for faith, then let’s take it seriously. Further testing may be needed. Or they need some form of “treatment” to bring them back to a level of faith that shows up in their actions.
When was your last faith-works checkup? Are you doing something about the results? Let me spur you on to good works.
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