Till Christ is Formed in You

“If every Christian would live like Christ, then the whole world would turn to Christ.” This is an amazing statement that we use with good intentions.
Unfortunately such conversations usually leave us and others feeling guilty. But is it really possible to live like Christ in every way? Many of us have tried to some extent but failed miserably.
When writing to the Galatians, Paul said: “My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you” (Galatians 4:19). shows us that this is a process that we are going through. We want quick results, but being “formed” is a process that takes time.
Although human beings were created in the image of God, that image was marred due to sin. Now, those who have accepted Christ are born again into a new life. In this new life, we are being formed into the image of Christ.
So, how are you living today? As we are in the process of being formed into the image of Christ, we can see ourselves in process. If we don’t see ourselves as a work in process, we will be disappointed.
We must give ourselves over to God’s process of forming us. This process is often called Spiritual Formation. It is a process where we cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He works to form Christ and his characteristics in us.
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