Is Your Life on Hold?

When your hopes and dreams are crushed, you just can’t move forward. When your expectations are not met, your life gets put on hold.
Such situations will make you wonder if there is anything more to look forward to in life. A few decide there isn’t anything to look forward to and end their lives. Others continue in an unsatisfied way, and never live their potential in life.
During a time of extreme persecution, Peter reminds his readers to set aside all their short-term expectations and do the things they need to do. Because ultimately, our true hope is in the return of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:13).
Learn to enjoy life for what it truly is: A temporary stop on the road to eternity. If you put too much value on the things of this life, you may be terribly disappointed.
We have an awesome eternity coming up. We have a Father who has loved us with an everlasting love. Keep your eyes fixed on that hope.
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Alexi George is a pastor, teacher, and writer. He is devoted to helping people live their potential.
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