You Are Precious to God

Do you feel rejected by people? No one cares. No one understands. Just remember Jesus. Although he was rejected by people, he knew he was precious to God his Father. He was “…a living stone rejected by men but in the sight of God chosen and precious” (1 Peter 2:4).
Jesus gave little value to the opinions that people had about him. He was precious to God the Father. What an amazing perspective. I wonder how he managed to keep that focus.
It’s easy to talk about this, but tough to live it out. When ridicule, slander, and for some, physical attack is common, It’s difficult to think beyond your situations.
But Jesus consistently looked to the Father to validate him. The Bible records two situations where the Father verbally announced his acceptance: During the baptism of Jesus (Matt 3:17), and the transfiguration (Matt 17:5).
Even though crowds of people followed him, he often withdrew from the crowds just to spend time with his Father. He knew the crowds were usually focused on their own needs, and once their needs are met, they would be gone.
This is why we also need to be focused on the Father’s perspective of us. But since life keeps bombarding us in the opposite direction, we’ve got to keep reminding ourselves that we are precious to the Father.
Keep reminders on your phone, desktop, or any other convenient place to remind yourself that you are precious to the Father. Gradually, this will become part of your thinking pattern.
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