How to Know if You are Walking in the Truth

The disciples of Jesus, including John, gave up everything in life so people of their day may come to know Jesus. Thus it was a matter of great rejoicing when John finds people who walk in the truth of Jesus. (2 John 4)
Walking in the truth of Jesus must be accompanied by loving one another. Living for Jesus assumes loving one another, demands loving one another, or requires loving one another.
If we claim to walk in the truth of Jesus but don’t love one another, we have a serious problem. John was delighted to now that those he brought to Christ, his children, were walking in the truth. But they didn’t talk about it, they lived it by loving one another.
That’s why John said “I rejoiced greatly.” In other words, “I am so happy” that you walk in the truth…and love one another.
I want the Father to look at us and say “I am so happy that you walk in the truth…and love one another.
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