The God Who Weeps With Us

What are you weeping about today? What are the things in your life that cause deep sorrow and agony? We often think we are alone in our pain, that no one understands us. But the fact is that Jesus not only understands, he also weeps with us because of our sorrow.
John records that at the tomb of Lazarus, Jesus wept (John 11:35). Since Jesus clearly knew that he was about to raise Lazarus from death, there was no sadness within him about the death of his friend Lazarus. Jesus wept in response to the deep sorrow of Mary, Martha, and all the people gathered there. Though their sorrow was due to their lack of faith in Jesus to handle the situation, he wept with them.
So, the next time you experience painful situations, remember that Jesus experiences the same sorrow along with you. He fully understands your situation.
But there is a difference. His perspective transcends the current situation. He knows what’s on the other side of your sorrow. The best part is that he is there on the other side of your difficulty.
What are you weeping about today? Remember Jesus is right there with you experiencing the pain along with you. Just hold on to him.
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