Have you given up trying to please God? Good

Are you troubled about the way the world is headed? Does it seem like everywhere you turn, God is ignored? For many, God’s grace is used as a crutch or license for their sinfulness. Someone said “God likes to forgive and I like to sin.” You look around you and realize that there is no fear of God.
Then you look within you and notice all your inconsistencies. Your good intentions just fall apart in the face of trials and temptations. In the past, you judged the world around you for its total disregard for God. You even judged the family of God for their lack of commitment to God’s ways. But now you realize you are guilty of the same things.
What can you do? Some will suggest you try harder to live holy and righteous. Others will condemn you for you inconsistencies. You have looked within and realized that the situation is helpless.
The Bible says Jesus is the only one who can keep you from stumbling and present you blameless before the presence of God. (Jude 24,25) Throw yourself at his mercy. That’s when his grace will begin to work in you to transform you into the image of God’s son, Jesus.
Are you still trying to please God? He is already pleased with you because of Jesus and what he did on the cross. Now as a result, he has given you his Holy Spirit to transform you from within.
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Alexi George is a pastor, teacher, and writer. He is devoted to helping people live their potential.
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