How to stand firm when the world rejects you

All of society goes in one direction, but since you follow Jesus, you must go in a different direction. In such a situation, there are two great struggles: Who am I and how will I make it?
The believers at Pergamum struggled to live a life honoring God. Since their society was so vehemently opposed to God’s ways, it was an identity struggle as well. They constantly faced rejection because of their faith in Jesus. God promised two things to them: Hidden Manna and a white stone with a new name. (Rev 2:17) These were promises of sustenance and identity.
Surely it is a war within us when we go against the flow of the society. The one who overcomes will be sustained by God. This was represented by the words “hidden Manna” as the Manna sustained God’s people through the wilderness.
Your identity as God’s child is also firm. There’s not need to fear, no need to doubt. The believers at Pergamum were also reminded that they will be given a white stone with a new name. The new name is their identity as God’s child.
So go ahead and face society head on. Live a life pleasing to Christ. He will sustain you. You are his child.
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