Is God Angry at You?

How far have you gone? Do you wonder if you’ve gone too far to the point of no return? Are you running from God thinking he’s angry with you?
Nothing can be farther from the truth. He is waiting with arms open wide. He offers grace too ridiculous for us to comprehend.
You would think everything is over. All hope is lost. God has begun to judge the sins of people in the last days. How can there be any hope at that time?
But even at that point, God wants to extend his grace to those who are rebellious and disobedient. After many of the plagues and disasters in the book of Revelations, this statement is repeated twice: “They did not repent.” (Rev. 9:20-21) This is a clear indication that God was ready to forgive – even in the last hour.
God continues to give us opportunities to repent. That is his heart’s desire. He wants us to turn from our ways and turn to him. Since Jesus suffered and gave his life for that, he waits patiently.
Maybe you’ve never known God’s love in such a deep and personal way. Or, you may have walked away from God a long time ago. You’re wondering if he would still want you.
Since Jesus gave his life for you, it is his desire and personal interest that you be saved and delivered from everything that binds you. Give yourself to him today.
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