Mark of the Beast: Present and Future

The book of Revelation clearly talks about the “mark of the beast” where no one can buy or sell without that mark. This future event will be mandatory for everyone to have this mark of the beast on their right hand or on the forehead (Rev 13:15-17).
The Israelites were instructed to have God’s laws in their hearts. And that was to be evidenced by their thoughts and actions. As an imagery of this, they were to “bind” them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes (Dut 6:8).
The mark of the beast will be mandatory one day and will be used to control people and force them to worship the “image of the beast.” But God’s words are to be voluntarily placed in our minds and hearts and we are to live according to them. Without force, as a response to our love, we worship God as our savior and creator of all things.
Many live in fear of that upcoming time where everyone will be forced to have the mark of the beast on their right hand and on their foreheads. At that time people will be forced to worship the image of the beast.
But today, we have a choice to worship the living God and to live according to his desires. His laws are to be placed in our hearts and minds. That is to be evidenced by our actions. This is the imagery in Deuteronomy 6:8, where they were instructed to bind them as a sign on their hand (their actions) and as frontlets between their eyes (their thoughts).
There is no need to fear the mark of the Beast as long as we live for God!
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