The New Testament God of Wrath

In the minds of some people, there is considerable doubt about God’s dealings with people in the Old Testament compared with the New Testament. They think God was angry and judgmental in the Old Testament but became loving and kind in the New Testament.
The reality is that God never changes. We clearly see both the wrath of God and the mercy of God displayed in the Old Testament. Both are clear realities. But since the New Testament begins with the ministry of Jesus, it highlights God’s grace in a tremendous way. The love of God is extended to people in quite a vivid way through the life, ministry and death of Jesus.
This huge focus of the New Testament in the early books highlight God’s love. But it is important to understand God’s love in the context of God’s wrath against sin and evil. That wrath of God still exists and is therefore the very reason that God’s grace is so amazing. His love for us is so great that he provides a way for us to escape that wrath.
This is clearly seen in Revelations chapter 16 where God’s wrath against evil is poured out. Several times, the statement is given: “And they did not repent.” God was looking for an opportunity to show mercy to people even in the very last days, in the midst of His wrath against evil.
So in the New as well as the Old Testament, God is exhibiting his wrath against evil and extending his mercy to all his creation.

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