New enough to lead

Have they been around long enough to lead? But if they have been around for a long time but have not stepped up to lead yet, you need to think again. Maybe they have become calloused or they just have not caught your vision. If they had caught your vision, they would have taken the step to take responsibility. But since they have not stepped up to lead yet, most probably they have not caught the vision. Remember, seniority doesn’t need to be a requirement for leadership.
So we need to ask if they are new enough to lead. If they are new, they can be molded and directed according to your vision. As soon as they catch the vision, give them some basic training and find a quick way to move them into leadership responsibilities. (Just make sure to add some “on the job” training for leaders so they can develop further and stay sharp). You may get some “push-back” from those with seniority, but you’ve got to keep your ground.
Go ahead and look for those who are new enough to lead.

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