The end of rebellion

Rebellion may seem to have a hold on people’s lives. It shows up in all facets of life, but the ultimate expression of rebellion is against God. This rebellion against God began in Genesis 11, where people gathered in one place and began to build a city with a large tower that is as “high as​ the heavens.” They wanted to make a name for themselves. Their aim in doing all these things was to stay together in one place without being dispersed throughout the Earth.
But God’s plan was for them to “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it…” (Gen 1:28). Their plan was entirely contrary to the plan of God for them. Their actions were clearly in rebellion to God’s purpose for their lives and for the entire world.
Such a rebellious attitude against our creator God has been with people throughout human history. Even today, this is a common mentality in people all over the world. There is no regard for God or his purposes for us.
But what about me? What about us? If we are honest, we find ourselves in a similar predicament. We love God, but our actions may not come in alignment with God’s purposes for us.
When Revelations 18 speaks of Babylon the great, it is more than that ancient nation – once great and powerful. It is the attitude of Babel that stands against the purposes of God for us.
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