Decieveability of the deceived by the deceiver

    It is intriguing to note that while Satan the deceiver is bound up, the people are not carried away by deception. There is no one to deceive them. But soon after he is released, he accomplishes his old task of deception. He’ll only have “a little while” (Rev 20:3), but he deceives the nations enough to gather them for battle against God’s people.
    From the beginning of time Satan has been deceiving people, and people have always been prone to deception. I suppose there is a deceiveability slant in everyone that make us prone to Satan’s deceptions.
    Life is short. We don’t have a thousand years to spare. And Satan roams the land seeking out those he can deceive. Will it be you? Will you completely forget who you are and give in to Satan’s deceptions?
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