The sprinkler system that waters your life

God created Adam and Eve and gave them the task of taking care of the land. But even before they were created, God had set up his own “sprinkler system” to water the land.

And a mist was going up from the land and was watering the whole face of the ground (Gen 2:6).

The natural world we live in is more supernatural than we understand. God’s activity in our present world is quite real. Similar to how God took care of the land, we can be confident that he takes good care of us.
As we go about our daily tasks, it’s easy to only think of our natural world. Or, we think of our world as only natural. We evaluate every event with a string of cause and effects. We look at difficulties and problems and look for what caused those problems. In the same way we look at good things and commend ourselves for what we did right, and the hard work and efforts we applied to get things moving along.
There is no problem with such thinking until some tragedy occurs that’s beyond our control. Then we begin to blame God. We look back to our “faithfulness” and wonder how God would allow such things in our lives.
But all along, God has been faithful to take care of us each day. Just like in Gen 2:6, he is “watering” our lives with all the basics of what we truly need.
And what about the tragedies? Since we live in a “fallen” world, we must expect these things. But God continues to sustain us in the midst of such a fallen world.
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