Gifts are investments

Gifts are just gifts. For some it is done out of obligation. For others, it is a careless habit. Now there are those who make it quite a thoughtful matter. Lots of time, effort and energy goes into finding the perfect gift. For people who are quite selective, they would love to see that person use the gift that was given. But some just let it sit and collect dust. Others will carelessly give it away to someone else as their gift.
God the creator has given everyone gifts in life. His gifts were tailor made just for each person. Actually he does it like no one ever could. Not only does God create you, he creates the gift as well. Because he goes to so much trouble, he expects you to put it to use.
For God, that gift is His investment into your life so you can bless those around you and make the world a better place. Your gifts are to be used in the church, workplace, and community. That is God’s purpose for the gifts given to you.
So, what are you doing with the gift?
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