You will do greater things – really?

When Jesus said this to his disciples, I wonder what they understood and what Jesus meant. Of course, people have been trying to understand this for a very long time. You can look up the various explanations by typing those words into a search engine. The views are numerous and some complex and confusing.
I don’t want to add to the confusion in any way, but I certainly want to believe what Jesus said – just as he said it. But for now, let me work on doing the things he did. I haven’t raised the dead yet. But I sure would love to.
I would like to explore an additional possibility here. Those words represent to me the attitude and focus of Jesus. He called the disciples friends, brothers, children and other words of love and honor. As he was raising up a team of people who would spread the gospel much beyond the nation of Israel, they would certainly be special people.
I believe those words show the special focus of Jesus in building up people much beyond anything they have ever imagined. At that point, they were already doing the things that Jesus was doing, but they also struggled with their limitations as sinful human beings. But with his words, Jesus pulled off all limits and the possibilities would be beyond their wildest dreams.
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