Those perfect people

They’re actually quite good at what they do. In fact, they do their tasks better than most others. They stand out from the crowd in whatever they do. Organizations can really benefit from their skills and passion for perfection.
But their excellence may affect them negatively in three areas. First, they struggle to connect with people. Part of the reason for this is due to their determined focus on their work. They put so much care and attention into the task that they neglect connecting with people. This lack of connection leads to the next negative.
Since they do everything with such quality, they may have difficulty caring about people with lesser abilities. After all, since these people do so well, caring about others who perform poorly is quite a difficult task. They can care, but it will take an additional, conscious effort in that direction.
The final hinderance is a lack of listening. Since they stand out from the crowd, they may only associate with people at that level of excellence. But if you don’t care enough to listen to the common, “lesser” people, you’re losing out. Most of the work you do may be for the benefit for the common people. Listening more to them will actually improve your ability to do your tasks more effectively for the benefit of the common person.
Keep on being excellent. But don’t forget the rest of us.
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