Looking cool and doing cool

It obviously takes effort to look cool. That coolness shows up in the kind of clothes you wear, the brand of devices you use, the vehicle you drive, and other external items that define coolness. It’s a popularly recognized image of sophistication that you hold up to other people. Whether you want to take the effort to do this or not, it’s your choice, your preference.
There’s another level of coolness that goes deeper. This coolness is expressed through your work. Do your work with excellence and focus. Have the tenacity to push for the best of your ability in your work. Without immediate results or financial benefits, keep working your best. Put your heart and mind into the task and do your work at a higher level.
This “coolness” also takes time and effort just like the other one – maybe much more. I’m not sure if you’ll get the same level of recognition as looking cool. But surely in time, it will show up in your work. Over several years, the results of your work will bear fruit.
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