Care is an investment

When tragedy strikes our friends or acquaintances, we are often at a loss regarding what to do. Of course, there are emergency services and organizations that handle the brunt of the professional tasks involved. Although we don’t want to get in the way or even attempt to replace what they do, it’s clear that we are not sure how to respond.
According to the need, and according to the willingness of the people to accept our help, we need to extend our hand of care. Keep your words to a minimum but keep our hands open and ready to help in every way possible. We’re not to expect anything in return as Jesus said “You received without paying; give without pay.” (Matthew 10:8).
See your response as a contribution to this world and into the lives of people. That’s why we are placed here in this world as a community. Ultimately, what you do to help others will become an investment into God’s kingdom.
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