One day evangelism is rare

Sometimes, there are special God ordained events that will surprise us. We speak to someone for the first time, and the discussion begins to move in a fruitful direction. Within a short time, they are ready to make a full commitment to Jesus (like Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:26-40). And we are surprised.
But the surprise should be unwarranted. You see, the Holy Spirit is working in hearts all over the globe at this very moment. He is drawing people to himself in ways we do not see. This goes on in the hearts of many people for many years. Then finally one day, they meet up with you (or God brings them to you). Their hearts are ripe for the harvest of the Gospel because the Spirit of God was working in them for years.
No need to be surprised. One day evangelism is rare and maybe non existent as God was already at work in them for a long time. And when that one day thing happens, don’t get too hung up with your special evangelistic gifting. The Master Evangelist, the Holy Spirit was already at work.
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