Does sharing the Good News seem impossible?

Sharing Good News shouldn’t be so hard – especially when you know it will benefit those who receive it. But too many struggle with how to begin. How do I start? What should I share?
Make sure you begin with the mindset that you are not speaking to them to get anything from them. The conversation is entirely for their benefit – it really is. Jesus said, “Freely you have received; freely give” (Matthew 10:8). Remember, just like Jesus, you are not a taker, but a giver.
Here we go. We will use the words S T A R T as an acronym to help you in the process.
S – Start with a question. Start where that person is. Begin with their situation. Let the conversation begin naturally with a question regarding what you both are engaged in at that time. It could be your travel, waiting at the bus station, at the restaurant, looking for products at the store, or any anything else.
T – Turn the conversation deeper. Find the appropriate time to move from the superficial conversation to a deeper one. Begin with the mind and move toward the heart. As you are a person who truly cares for them and are deeply interested in their welfare, their hearts will open up. They will reveal their pain. Go ahead and move the conversation in that direction.
A – Apply your story to communicate Good News. There is nothing more natural and compelling than your own story. Share it with boldness and clarity. Make a list of the areas in your life where Jesus has come and transformed the situation. In some areas he has brought healing. He gave peace. He opened doors that were closed. Impossible situations were turned around by the power of Jesus. Share it boldly and with joy. It’s your story within the His-Story of God’s love for the lost world.
R – Reveal Jesus, the reason for the Good News. Make sure you share that Jesus is the sole reason for the difference. Because he is. By all means, don’t leave out his name. With joy and delight, mention the beautiful name of Jesus that oozes with love and compassion for the broken and downtrodden. Reveal Jesus every chance you get.
T – Take the good responses. When you reveal Jesus, you will get several responses. Some will respond with anger and irritation. That’s not a problem. Just excuse yourself from their presence and go away. Some are neutral. They will say something like “Finding god is like climbing a mountain. Whichever direction you take, as long you keep walking up, you will eventually get to the top.” This sounds wonderful, but Jesus doesn’t live on a mountain. Sorry. Finally, there will be a few who listen intently with an open mind and heart. Speak to them and tell them the Good News.
Now, let’s go share the Good News.

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