Ridiculous trust

How much – or how far should we trust? After risking and trusting, what if we are let down? The risk involves our honor, reputation, and future.

Noah trusted God without any evidence or confirmation. His trust in God was at a higher level than we could imagine. He took one risk after another – all in obedience to God.

Noah took the risk of building the ark one beam at a time. He did it while everyone watched. I’m sure they asked about the foolishness of such a huge project – for an unknown cause and an unseen God.

Don’t expect everyone to follow God. The risk is too great. It’s often the minority and not the major part of society that makes the decision to follow.

But the ones who follow are ready to take the risk. Everyone who sees them may ridicule them, but their hearts are set on the one who called them. And the one who called will transform them into the image of Jesus.

But there are many who don’t trust Jesus with their lives – but they do attend church. I suppose Church is like fire insurance for them. By all means they want to avoid hell. And but by no means do they want to give up control of their lives to someone else – even to Jesus.

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