Inner Healing

What is inner healing?

  • Imagine a house which has been purchased in a very bad condition. The new owner of the house has to work hard to bring it back to a livable condition. And even after all that work, we have to clean our house regularly. There has to be daily cleaning as well as a once in a month cleaning and springtime cleaning too.
  • So if a house on earth needs so much of maintenance, then how much more the house in which the Holy Spirit desires to dwell. Each one of us are broken houses. We were torn down, attacked and plundered in many ways. All our rooms are dirty and messed up. That is when Jesus decides to buy our house. He buys it and puts a hedge around it. This is the hedge of a church. Unless we have the protection of a church and its leadership we are open to attack.
  • Then Jesus starts working on our house, trying to fix it up, clean it, arrange it and secure it from further attacks or invasions. This process of cleaning, arranging, and fixing up is what we call inner healing.

Why do we need inner healing?

  • Inner healing is required not just that we receive blessings, but that we can begin walking in the fullness that God wants us to walk in and that we may serve Him more efficiently and effectively.
  • We are preparing a great inheritance for our children, by keeping ourselves clean.
  • Last but not the least, we do not want our houses, which is to be a temple for the Holy Spirit, to be a dirty place, a messed up place. If we are not cleaning up then definitely we are only contributing to the mess.
  • Every single day of our lives is stored. Every thought, word, action, emotion, decision, etc., is stored. During a single day itself, we receive  plenty of information, which we process and it gets stored. We either deal with it in a godly way or allow it to do many things to us. So what gets stored is something either negative or something positive. If we have more negatives than positives then the devil has more hold over us. So let us determine to be more useful to God than to the devil by allowing the Holy Spirit to fix up, arrange and secure our house.

How do we start inner healing?

  • The day we invite the Lord into our lives, he starts fixing up and doing His job wonderfully and faithfully. He is true to His word and does not lie. He is faithful. He provides for all our needs. He cares for us and looks after all the aspects of our life. He is interested in our overall development. He wants to see all His children walking in the fullness that God has prepared for them. He wants to see His children using each and every skill and ability that He has already granted us for His kingdom.
  • During inner healing we will need to revisit our past and those hurting areas. When we do so, all the thoughts and emotions related to a particular incident or that particular stage would come to the forefront. When this happens, we need to allow Jesus to heal us. We will need to forgive, renounce and then ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse us of all the negatives in us related to that particular incident or relationship. An exchange is taking place, where we give not only our sins, but all the related thoughts, feelings and hurt and receive the healing and forgiveness and the fruit of the Spirit. Along with all this we covenant never to repeat the sin again. It is important to remember this so that we continue to live a lifestyle of healing. God is faithful to lead us into all these truths. He will lead and guide us triumphantly.

What qualities do we require for our healing?

  • We need to be honest towards God, towards ourselves and to others who are accountable for us.
  • We need to acknowledge and agree with God when He reveals to us our flaws. We should be ready to admit our faults and be ready to tell or express our exact feelings and expectations to God.
  • We can tell God that we really do not like or in some cases we even hate Him.We do this so that we realize that we hold such feelings against Him. Many times though we have such feelings we do not admit it and in doing so cause ourselves the most harm.
  • Confession helps us the most, because we are able to know what exactly is inside us. It often shocks us, but it is not a shock for God. He knows very well what is inside us. We can choose to deceive ourselves by hiding everything under the carpet and say that everything is fine or we can begin today onward to go ahead and be candid with God with the purpose of being healed and delivered, and to continue with a wonderful walk with God.
  • The choice is ours and God will not go forward unless He has our full cooperation and agreement. He will continue to faithfully do His part. He will be faithful till the very end never leaving nor forsaking us. But, will we do our part of allowing Him to work in and through us? May the Lord help you take the right decision.


  • This is another quality which we all require for the Lord to complete the good work He has started in us. If we live with the assumption “I am right and the rest of the world is wrong”, then sadly we are heading in the wrong direction.
  • There will always be times when either “I am completely wrong or I am partly wrong”. There will never be a time when “I am completely right”. This is true for any relationship. For a good healing to take place, we should be ready to put ourselves under the microscope and be able to see our faults. We should be ready to face each flaw with courage and with the hope that this is going to change. “I am going to overcome everything that is evil and wicked in me”.
  • The purpose of putting ourselves under the microscope is not for self-condemnation, guilt, justification or any other motive, but to simply be able to give ourselves to God for Him to work on.

The following aspects of Inner Healing listed below needs to be handled one at a time. Take notes regarding your personal experiences and pray alone, and then find time to pray with someone you trust and can guide you in prayer. Then, find a person with whom you can be accountable to on a regular basis. Finally, remember that this is not a one time fix for all your problems. Rather, this is a journey of inner healing that is ongoing. Allow the Holy Spirit and God’s Word to change your thinking and your inner being. He will.
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  • The material presented in this series of posts were compiled from various sources by Renny Antony. This document has been modified and updated further during the last few years. We used these materials for our teaching during Inner Healing sessions at Adoor Vineyard Church.

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