Mental shock, trauma, and fear


  • Trauma and accidents are part of life’s experiences. Even Christians are not exempt from occasional crisis and problems. We live in a fallen world of which Satan is god (2 Cor. 4:4). The moments of great trauma or a major accident could be times of great spiritual sensitivity and Satan may use those very moments to gain advantage. Thus such things as accidents, abortion, miscarriage, death of a close relative, abuse and fear could become entry points for the demonic.
  • In the physical world, when we fall and are injured, where our skin is cut open, there is a danger of germs infecting that wound, similarly, during moments of shock and trauma, we are open to being infected by demons. A road accident, for example, can give the demonic a prime opportunity to take advantage of the traumatized state the accident victims often experience.
  • Fear is a gift from God. It keeps us from doing things that would be harmful to us. Without godly fear very few people would survive childhood, such are the risks we all face day by day.  But as with every good gift of God, Satan will seek to distort the truth and hold us into the bondage of error. When we have a frightening experience, Satan will try to hold us into the trauma of that experience by using it as an entrance gate for the demonic. Fear is invariably an entry point for demons when people are going through traumatized experience.
  • When someone is controlled by irrational fear, there is always a demonic stronghold behind the manifesting behavior.  Examples – Fear of the devil, Fear of darkness, Fear of death, Fear of society, Fear of tradition, Fear of future, Various phobias (spider, lizard, snake, closed spaces, traveling in vehicles, etc).
  • Death of a close relative/loved one causes trauma of being bereaved without warning. It affects people so deeply, that emotionally they are wide open to demonic attack. This is especially relevant in the case of sudden deaths.
  • Expressing grief over a death is natural. Without the expression of grief, there cannot be full healing from the bereavement. But sometimes a demon will ride on the emotional trauma, and then the person never seems to recover from the bereavement. If after three months or so, there is no marked change in the person’s condition following the grief of bereavement, it is not unreasonable to suspect that there may be spirits of grief operating.
  • Another common form of demonization is what is called a “familial spirit”. This is a demon that has taken the characteristics of the deceased person and may try to attach itself to the bereaved one. This familial spirit, who knew the deceased extremely well, and is able to deceive with an amazing degree of cunning and accuracy, leads people into false beliefs about the nature of life after death and into the deceptions of spiritualism. By casting out the familial spirit, significant things may happen in the person’s life, as healing from conditions and symptoms that has passed down through the generational line.

The loss of a job may be very devastating especially to those who have many responsibilities upon them. The expectation and the pressure for some is so bad, that many give in to suicide and mass killing of families. Someone may go out to work one day, full of expectation, return later that same day devastated by the news of getting fired. The trauma of such an experience can open wide the gateway to rejection, leaving the person unable to cope up with life, believing that he is unwanted. The spirit of rejection makes him turn in on himself and lose heart and hope.

  • The trauma of physical attack, mental abuse, and rape can be very devastating. The physical pain may be great, but it is inconsequential when compared to the long-term emotional and spiritual damage done as a result.
  • Any behavior that seeks to take away the godly free will of another is abusive behavior and can lead to problems of varying degrees. Domination and manipulation is sin, irrespective of whether the victim is a young child, an old man, or one’s husband/wife, son/daughter, friend, associate, colleague, etc.

Dealing with shock and trauma

  • Re-visit that incident of shock and trauma. Invite Jesus to be with you as you do this. And all the associated feelings of fear, loss, shock, abandonment, etc., you can give it over to Him. Ask Him to heal you and you will definitely know His presence there. Jesus does an amazing work here.  In effect, we ask the Holy Spirit to take away all the pain and a pain healing and restoration is done.
  • Forgive the person(s) who abused or assaulted you (physically/sexually/mentally) or who caused the accident, etc. In some cases we may have to ‘forgive’ God for all that we think He has done to us.
  • Ask God for forgiveness, especially in cases of abortion, sexual abuse, etc. In cases of rape, we ask God to restore parts of us lost to the abuser and to return parts of the abuser invested in us by the devil. This has to be done for all sexual transactions.
  • Renounce every ungodly use of your body whether it was done to you or willingly done by you. Renounce every occasion the Lord brings to your mind. Break every ungodly soul-tie that may have been established (e.g., sexual abuse, deaths).

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