Are you a risk taker?

If the cause is compelling, it drives you to take risks that seem ridiculous. But how ridiculous can one get? How much can you sacrifice? If you are going to take such a huge risk, the venture has to be of great significance.
While the Israelites traveled through the wilderness, they were asked to donate various supplies for the construction of the Tabernacle. They only had a limited supply from what they brought with them as they fled slavery in Egypt. Who would give that up? It depends on the value. Such a donation is too risky. But the Tabernacle represented God’s presence. They surely valued the presence of God who dwelt among them in the Tabernacle.
Are you one of those risk takers? God says he wants to dwell in the hearts of people. As we plant more churches, more hearts are opened up for God to dwell. Are you a risk taker? Would you be willing to risk everything for God?

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