Don't ask the delivery man to move in after bringing the package

You wouldn’t even think of it. Just the thought is ludicrous. The man’s job is done as soon as he delivers the package. “Drop it here and go!”
When God was about to “dwell” in the midst of his people, he asked for a contribution only from those whose hearts moved them to contribute (Exodus 25:2b). The contribution would be used to construct a dwelling place for God to “move in” and dwell with the people. This was not a tax that was demanded from all the people. It was to be received only “from every man whose heart moved him.”
For many, God was just like a “delivery man” who brings a package. The people get what they needed and they let the person go since he is no longer needed. But God wanted to dwell with his people. That’s why the contribution was asked only if those whose hearts were moved.
When Jesus came he wanted a deeper relationship. He said “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him” (John 6:56). For many, Jesus was like a delivery man who delivers things you order. But Jesus wants a deeper relationship.
Do you want him? Or, do you just want the package? Your choice.

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