2+2 is easier than 1+1

Multiplying two groups is easier than multiplying one. Having two groups sets you in an entirely different paradigm. It’s a paradigm of multiples and it changes your perception. Multiples become the expected norm. You begin to think in multiples.
If you begin with one group, that also puts you in a paradigm. It’s a paradigm that’s singular and constricts your thinking. Your focus is limited and expansion is much more difficult. It’s not just you, but every person in the group thinks with a restricted, limited perspective.
Begin with a broader perspective. This may mean you begin at a later date. Take time to envision more people. Train more leaders. Build a broader foundation. Invite God into your planning process. Allow his Spirit to broaden your thinking.
Start with multiples, think in multiples, and then launch in multiples. You’ll grow and multiply more quickly than otherwise.
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