Which new leader will make it?

It’s often the lingering trainee and the one who stays till the end who are the best prospects. They come early too. In fact, they may arrived before the person with the key arrives. Somehow, they’ve caught the vision. They realize that it’s not about the program or the meeting. The vision is much broader and deeper.
As Moses faced one of the greatest leadership struggles of his life, he asked God and “argued” with him regarding who would accompany him in leadership. In his distress, Moses didn’t  recognize the young man who was lingering and enjoying the presence of God (Exo 33:11). Moses may not have recognized the leadership potential in Joshua, but God had his own plan for him and made him a great leader.
So go ahead and look around for the lingering people and make significant investments into their lives. They’ll become some of your best leaders.
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