You the developer, God the creator

The responsibility to develop your God-given talents rests on you. If you are not sure where to begin, select three of your top hobbies/passions.
Set an ongoing pattern of training for yourself. If you are not able to enroll in a formal training course, at least get some online training. Just make sure those trainers are reputable and that you’ll get your money’s worth.
Invest a significant amount of time for practice. Although the talent was given by God, developing it rests on your shoulders. As you invest significant amount of time into these passions, one will emerge as primary. You will feel more comfortable with that one, and others who observe you will also affirm you in that one activity. Build on that one.
Get a mentor and begin getting significant insight into your craft. Let that mentor’s experience and learning be an empowering and motivational force for you. You’re getting years of training and experience in a “capsule” form as you work with a mentor or coach.
Finally, be persistent. without looking for short term results, be persistent. Stay with the task. Keep doing it. Keep doing that one task that benefits others. Expecting nothing in return, keep giving through your talent. Month after month, year after year, keep on being faithful in that task. You have the task of developing the talent that God created in you.
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