Why is God stuck on formalities?

He’s not. But he is trying to make a point.
The ordination of Aaron and his sons as priests seem to be quite elaborate. It was seven days of grueling hard work of sacrificing various animals according to the details prescribed.
I wonder about all the detail and extensiveness of the ceremonies during those extended days of ordination. First, I realize that there were ancient traditions that were important to the people. These were vital for them to set people apart for leadership.
Second, I believe there is an imagery that shows that humans are too unworthy to be God’s representatives on the earth. This was represented by all the detailed sacrifices and formalities. It just seems too difficult to please God. And for us as people, and on our own, it is impossible.
You see, as humans we are just too flaky (weak). But because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, he has fulfilled all the requirements. We are now a Kingdom of priests!
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