What In the world was Moses doing during the 40 days on the mountain?

It seems odd that God would take the primary leader and his assistant away for 40 days (Exodus 24:15-18). To us that may seem like a long time for a leader to stay away. We might even think of it as a bad leadership decision on God’s part.
We know that God was giving his requirements for them as they live as his chosen people. Maybe Moses had lots of questions for God as they spent time together.
There was also sufficient time for the people and the leaders to show their true colors. Who were they? What were they really like when the primary leader is away? How important is their commitment to God?
I’m sure Moses needed some time away from the people and in God’s presence. We know that Jesus spent extensive time away from people and in God’s presence. This time in God’s presence would prepare Moses for some of the horrendous things he would see when he comes down the mountain.
Value your time away from people and your time in God’s presence. God is doing some things within you so he can do many things through you.
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