If you were kidnapped, how much would your ransom be?

How would you calculate that? What’s your worth? I suppose the kidnappers may consider how much your family can afford or how much they can borrow. They’d want to get the maximum but they also want to get rid of you and get the money. How much?
The Israelites were to pay a ransom for their lives to the Lord when the census was taken (Exodus 30:11-16). Sin has made them guilty and the wages of sin is death. So, instead of getting the due penalty of death, they could ransom their lives by payment. Everyone twenty years of age and above were to pay a ransom. It was a set amount for everyone. No one was allowed to pay more or less.
So, let’s come back to the original question. How much are you worth? The ransom paid by the people was never enough. That’s why it was repeated every year. But the full payment was made by Jesus on the cross at Calvary. That’s expensive. And that’s how much you are worth!
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