Why gold?

For a group of former slaves, gold is quite an expense! Even though they looted the Egyptians before they left, the cost would be much. Actually, when this group “plundered the Egyptians” and got the gold into their hands, it would be quite difficult to let go.
So I go back to the question in the beginning: Why gold? Why was so much gold used in furnishing the Tabernacle where God dwelt? I understand two factors here.
First, they wanted to express the value they placed on God’s presence. They understood the Tabernacle as the place where the actual presence of God dwelt. Thus they placed so much value on his presence that they were willing to spend their most valuable possessions. I’m sure everyone did not give. Only those who valued God’s presence so much.
Second, God wanted them to part with material things that gave them a false sense of security. God is their only security.
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