12 people to check my boarding pass?

On a recent travel, I counted the number of times people checked my boarding pass. As I stepped into the aircraft, the flight attendant was the 12th one to ask for my boarding pass. Why so many times?
Here are some possibilities why I had to show my boarding pass to 12 different people.

  • To be thorough. They want to make sure that the right person is entering the right flight.
  • To be sure. They want to avoid unticketed passengers entering the flight.
  • To provide more jobs. Now, this is certainly a good hearted effort on their part.
  • Lack of trust. They don’t trust any of those 12 people to do their job properly. So, they want to cross-check to see where a mistake has occurred.
  • Lower pay. If you have many people doing a job that one or two properly trained people could accomplish, you must not be paying them much.
  • Lower skill. Due to the lower pay, you have employees at a lower skill strata.

I have two thoughts on this issue. First, the authorities want to make sure things are done appropriately. Second, there is a lack of trust in the employees to do their jobs efficiently.
How much do you invest in your people? Do all it takes to make them competent. Then hold them accountable. Expect quality.
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