Why people choose to wear themselves out

A genuine desire to please God drives people to wear themselves out for God. But God is already pleased with you because you are his child.
There is a prevailing idea that the vision God placed in your heart will be left undone for eternity if you don’t do your maximum. Remember, if God has placed a vision in your heart, he also knows that you only have 24 hours in a day.
Some are convinced that the Kingdom of God advances according to the effort they put in.  But God’s Spirit is already at work in this world and was active before we showed up. We simply have the privilege of joining him in his task.
Still others find significance in busyness. The more busy they are, the more useful and important. This is a subconscious, internal need that drives people to wear themselves out.
Moses sat to judge the people till the evening. This was the only solution he could find. He couldn’t think of it any other way. Until Jethro came and helped him to see things differently. (Exo 18:18)
For every person, there is a Jethro speaking sense into them. Only a few listen. Most ignore the message.
Please. Listen to this Jethro.
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