Imagine a public display as you confess your sins

What a bold step it would have been to walk past your neighbors and friends with a bull in tow as you walk toward the temple to confess your sins.
People might ask: “Hey, where are you going with that bull?”
Answer: “Well, uh, I’m on my way to confess my sin.”
Question: “What did you do?”
Reply: “Never mind.”
Confession of sins was a public matter in front of people who know you. Even when they got to the temple, there might be people who know them. As they wait in line for their turn to offer the burnt offering for sin, people who know them would see them and might ask the same question as others: “What did you do?” Or, they might ask others: “What did he do?”
The reason we don’t do this public thing is because Jesus did this for us publicly. He walked down the streets of Jerusalem – but not with an animal for sacrifice, but his own body as a perfect sinless sacrifice for our sins. The one perfect sacrifice that was sufficient for all our sins. Thank you Jesus.
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