Why I write

Although I’ve been writing for years, I’ve only been blogging since 2012. Here are some of the reasons I write this blog several times per week.

  1. To process my thoughts

These are the things I deal with as I lead and teach. As I continue reading and learning from others, I need to process all of that. What I write is what I’ve been doing. Sometimes I write my thoughts, then put them into practice.

  1. To hear from God

I believe I hear from the Lord as I process my thoughts through writing. Words and concepts develop in my mind and blend with what I’ve been reading and experiencing.

  1. To help others

This is a way for me to extend my hand to others. I’m certainly not an expert but a learner and observer. As I observe, I learn and pass on what I learn to help others. As I strive to lead and make an impact, I’d like to reach out and help others.
Thanks for reading.
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