Broken messengers are better

It seems odd that most of the “messengers” in the Bible were broken people in some area of their lives. This pattern seems to be unique and maybe even a bit suspicious.
The postal service (remember those?) or some form of electronic messaging system like email just deliver words. And they do a pretty good job at that.
But God prefers to use messengers who live out the message. People who experience various levels of brokenness are often used by God to express his love, mercy, and kindness. They’re able to communicate the message with passion, reality, and genuineness.
It’s ok. Don’t try to look perfect, act perfect or present such an image of yourself. First of all, we all know it’s not true. Second, it’s important to know that God speaks best through our brokenness. Be real. Be honest. Allow God’s message of love to flow through your brokenness to others.
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