Hierarchy of honoring God’s presence

When are we most pious, quiet, and clearly aware of God’s presence? For many, it is during the Communion service, sometimes called the Lord’s Table or Eucharist. That one event seems to stand out as a special time of contemplation and experiencing God’s presence.
Some even believe that the very presence of God dwells there with the elements of the Eucharist. Others believe that the bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Christ. Thus we show the utmost honor and respect for the presence of God.
Now, the Bible clearly states that the Holy Spirit of God literally dwells in our bodies (1 Cor 6:19).
Really? That means wherever I am present, God is present. I must show respect and honor for God’s presence wherever I am present.
There is significance in the Eucharist and all the other sacraments of the church. We are to value every gathering of God’s people. But I don’t believe there should be a hierarchy of honoring God’s presence during a particular event. He is with his people all the time. Honor him now.
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