Everyone gets to play – sort of

So we make no distinction between age, gender, race, financial status, etc. yes everyone gets to play. We do our best to remove barriers and limitations. We allow everyone to be involved and do the works of the kingdom.
Now what about a sinful lifestyle? God forgives sins and we must forgive. But what about persistent unrepentant sin? We must persistently forgive and accept the sinner just as Jesus did.
But we see that Jesus made a clear distinction as to who are truly his disciples. He said that the only ones who make it into his kingdom are the ones who do the will of the father (Matt 7: 21). Then he also demanded that they take up their own cross (Matt 16:24). They must be willing to die for the cause of Christ. So we have obedience to the Father with a life and death commitment.
How about saying that every disciple gets to play?
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