Love deeply, hold loosely

No, Can’t be done. It’s so difficult. The two concepts are at two ends of the spectrum: Deeply and loosely. If the love is deep, it can’t be loosely held. If the connection is loosely held, the love can’t be deep.
In the story of the prodigal son, the father allowed his son to leave the home without much conflict (Luke 15:11-32). in spite of the fact that this son dishonored the father and his entire family, he was allowed to leave the home with the inheritance. The father could have rightfully and legally blocked this entire effort, but he didn’t.
Yet there is no doubt that the father loved his son deeply. When he returned from his time away, he was welcomed with open arms and without any reservations. He loved his son deeply but his grip on him wasn’t too tight. It was loose enough to allow him freedom to explore, fall, fail, and to return.
Yes. It can be done. We can love deeply and hold loosely.
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