Why did God put that tree in the garden?

It sure seems like a setup. A definite setup for failure. But if the option for failure didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be any victory either.
God wants to love people and be loved by them in a real and genuine way. People must have the freedom to reject God in order for them to love and accept him. if they did not have the freedom to reject God then their love would not be genuine.
Without the freedom to make any choice they desire, they would not be human. They would be robots performing their duties according to commands and inputs from another. As humans, God wanted us to have the free will to choose or to reject his commands.
That tree in the middle of the garden had to be there for Adam and Eve to be human. It gave them the option to disobey and reject God. Only then could they obey, accept, and love God genuinely from their hearts.
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