Suffering – to learn obedience?

Obedience is difficult when you are used to having your own way. Your way becomes so valuable that there is no other possibility but your own way. Those who value their own way to such an extreme level will struggle to obey.
But when you suffer, your values become altered. Pain and agony will change your perspectives. The perspectives that you held so strongly will surely be questioned as you go through suffering.
Thus suffering can make people more obedient and flexible. Their perspectives will be much broader. Their values will have more depth.
The Bible says Jesus learned obedience through suffering (Heb 5:8). It’s not clear why Jesus would need to learn obedience. It is difficult for human minds to comprehend the convergence of divinity and humanity in Jesus.
But suffering alone does not teach obedience. Pain causes one to be more flexible. Agony gives depth to an individual. Such a person has values that are altered, never to be the same again.
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