Why do some church plants fail? (4)

Continually share the Good News
    Why do some church plants fail? I don’t know. But I do know that I’ve had to keep sharing the Good News personally with people in my community and encourage others to do the same.
    Since I teach in a Seminary, it’s difficult for me to connect with unbelievers on a daily basis. I’ve had to make an extra effort to reach out and connect with others.
    Praying for an unbeliever who is sick naturally gives opportunity to share my faith. But even otherwise, I look for opportunities to “turn the conversation deeper” Then I share my experience with Jesus.
    I’ve made it my goal to pray for one sick person or share Jesus with one person every day. Although I’ve not been successful every day, I’ve been able to do that several times per week.
    When I teach people in church, I use my personal experience as I encourage them to share Jesus. This gives them perspective and encouragement to do likewise.
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  1. Trail of failures
  2. Persist in the process
  3. Stick to your values
  4. Continually share the Good News
  5. Seek out training
  6. Find fellowship
  7. Become a voracious reader
  8. Ask questions
  9. Leave a trail of influences
  10. Learn from criticism
  11. Learn from your mistakes
  12. Constantly raise up leaders

13. Be in it for the long run
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